Thursday, April 02, 2015

Poetry Month: Just Outside Eden

Just Outside Eden

"Dammit!" cried Adam. "We cannot undo!"
Eve whispered, "Why'd you lose the return key?"
The crosses were naught but a future view,
Now that they'd partook of the logic tree.
"Help us!" Eve called to the serpent ignoble,
But it just said: "Error: 'helpus' not defined."
"I don't understand; that variable's global!
Whoever made turtles was out of their mind."
Under the canopy they labelled their list,
'Till finally Adam shouted, "Oh, what the hell.
Let's run it, and if the problems still persist,
We'll debug the buggers right out of their shell."
So ignoring the taunts from the demon infernal,
They recompiled code and restarted the kernel.

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