Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Universal Truth

[Quote of the post] "What have I got? I... I've got to get outta here." --Cosmo, Singing in the Rain
[Song of the post] Make 'Em Laugh - Singing in the Rain

Things just aren't what they... I don't know whether to use "were" or "should be" here. There's something about them that isn't right. There are so many things that have just been lost from the "universal truth".

Like school. It's never been about marks and scores; it's never been about test or exams; it's never been about being better than others or bans from contributing or homework or rules about jackets. It's been about passing on ideas; it's been about accumulating knowledge; it's been about making friends and helping one another and growing up. It's been about learning.

Like movies. It's never been about sharp action scenes or explosive sound effects; it's never been about a macho hero and his sexy co-star; it's never been about merchandising or piracy or making profits or commercialism. It's been about entertaining the audience; it's been about expression when you need the right setting; it's been about a tale of love and the goodness in people and making them laugh. It's been about telling a story not matter how long it takes.

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