Thursday, January 02, 2014


I watched Frozen today and I was taken aback by how good it was. I watched Tangled the other day since I hadn't watched it before (and I thought I should watch it first even though it's not a prequel or anything), and I really really liked it. Frozen was as good, I think, if not better.

It's kinda noticeable that Disney's animation style changed starkly when it bought over Pixar. I think the last traditionally-looking Disney film was The Princess and the Frog, another modern Disney animation with a supposedly pro-feminist ending (I don't know; I haven't watched it myself). You can see all the Pixar influences: 3D modelling, for one; that and the style of the human characters are just so Pixar. (Even the titling is simplistic, like Pixar's films all have been.)

Disney hasn't slouched in their songwriting department, and I think that they had a number of wonderful songs (both Tangled and Frozen). I found it funny that Idina Menzel always plays the rejected sister or sister-analogue, just like in Wicked, and also sings the power solo. I liked that the act of true love wasn't a traditional boy-meets-girl thing, which was refreshing, and I tip my metaphorical hat to Disney for subverting their own trope.

I still think Elsa looks a heckuva lot like admissions Jasmine.

Letting it go,
The Edna Man